The IRS randomly selects individuals to have their income tax returns audited. In this case, the IRS demands written correspondence, and/or an in-person interview. Here, they need all documentation that they request. At Audit Solutions Now, we know how to masterfully deal with the IRS, and handle all communications with the government, ensuring that they are cease to cause you stress.

Personal Income Tax Audit Relief
Corporate Tax Return Audit Relief

Corporate tax returns are randomly chosen to have the most minuscule details examined under audit. With many write-offs under examination, an audit may seem overwhelming while any business owner would rather continue running his or her own business. At Audit Solutions Now, we allow business owners to return to what they do best while we manage the complications of a tax audit.

States frequently view sales tax audits as effective ways to boost their yearly revenue. At Audit Solutions Now, we believe it is improper for states to target businesses as a source for extra funds. Sales Tax Audits require advanced preparation and can take months to be resolved. We have the ability to do this extra work, so that you, the business owner, can return to a normal course of business and have the audit closed. After collecting necessary documentation, we are prepared to negotiate with the states on your behalf. 

Sales Tax Audit


Audit Solutions Now is dedicated to helping you with your audit problem. We offer the following services to any entity or entity with a liability greater than $5,000. Please review and contact us so that we can begin the process of removing this stress from your life. 

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